(WFSB) -- Gov. Ned Lamont was on a special edition of Face the State on Channel 3 again Thursday evening and addressed a number of topics, including reopening schools.

Lamont joined Face the State host Dennis House at 7 p.m., to answer a variety of questions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

This was the third week Lamont has appeared on the special edition of Face the State, answering several viewer questions about unemployment, the status of schools, the impact on nursing homes, and inquiries about when the state will reopen.

This week, he talked about the announcement that the state is planning to let some businesses and industries reopen on May 20. 

Lamont said the announcement is expected early next week regarding the status on when students can go back to school. 

“My instinct is it’s probably going to be a long haul to get it opened before June, but the doors ajar, so we’re probably going to let Miguel Cardona, our commissioner, make the announcement next week,” Lamont said.

Lamont let viewers know schools may have a long way to go before the doors are opened again.

As for universities, Lamont says the Board of Regents is discussing the possibility of reopening.

“I’m leaving them an awful lot of discretion there. I know what you’re concerned about though. That’s residence halls, you have a lot of tight living,” Lamont said.

Schools and colleges aren’t the only institutions that will have to wait. Lamont says fitness centers will probably reopen in the second stage, and churches should hold off until summer for bigger services.

Summer fairs and festivals may also be postponed.

“We’ll see what June, July and August look like. Maybe things will lighten up a bit. We’re testing a lot right now. We know what the infection rate is, I think it’s on the down slope. That’s a good sign, but obviously social distancing is the key to keeping it on the down slope,” Lamont said.

Lamont continues to emphasize the importance of waiting for May 20 to roll out the next phases.

“In a month, we’re going to know what happened in places like Georgie where they opened up all the restaurants and massage parlors, nail salons. See if that reflected a spike in infections or not, see if there’s a spike or not. In a month, we’ll have more testing and masks. That gives people the freedom to get back to work safely. In a month, we’ll have a better idea of what’s going on in the region,” Lamont said.

Lamont also added in a few weeks they’ll start charging out-of-state visitors at parks and beaches to limit the number of guests.

See previous segments of Face the State with Gov. Lamont here.

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(6) comments


Vlad Lamont, when are you gonna start running this state instead of Cuomo? Open this state now! I don't know what planet you're from but real people have to get back to work! They don't get a paycheck no matter what like you do!


Today (April 30), when asked about protections for people not comfortable returning to work May 20, Governor Lamont responded people under 70 should be comfortable returning to work. Where did he get the age of 70 from? I just checked CDC website.


Because if you look at the number of deaths (which are untrue, inflated numbers), the elderly are the vast majority that are dying. Not young, healthy individuals.


If the numbers are false please explain why or show some proof. If they are false then why do you feel comfortable using this information to make your point? Silly to claim they are not credible and then lean on them one sentence later as your proof.


Shocking that you can't back up your claims. Great job.


What is the answer to the question about unemployment benefits on hold because of a code?

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