(WFSB) - For months, there have been talks about whether businesses would adopt a COVID-19 vaccine passport.

The governor is exploring how people can show vaccination proof to businesses that want to see, but he won’t call it a passport.

In Middletown, Eyewitness News asked people how they felt about a COVID-19 vaccine passport.

 A lot of people had opinions on it, but very few wanted to share it.

At Esca Restaurant and Wine Bar, business is higher now than pre-pandemic.

Marisa Bramato is relieved but concerned over a spiking positivity rate as the U.S. detects more omicron cases.

“We don’t want another shutdown. We definitely don’t want another shutdown because what we went through was pure hell,” said Bramato.

So, if it means asking vaccination proof from guests, she’s open to the idea. “If we need to wear a mask or if we need to show a passport, if we need to do that, then we need to do that.”

Gov. Lamont is weighing in on whether or not the state could see vaccine passports.

Governor Ned Lamont is toying with the concept and explained how it would work.

“A number of businesses if there’s a way we can make it easier for people to show whether they’ve been vaccinated. It’s not a passport. It’s not mandatory. It’s just a QR code on your phone,” said Lamont.

It appears Lamont is borrowing a page from Massachusetts’s playbook.

The governor there is looking at a voluntary digital passport program and says it could be coming soon.

In New York, it rolled out an Excelsior pass.

It’s a secure site showing whether you’re vaccinated or tested negative.

Back in Middletown, not many wanted to share their thoughts about a passport-like program, whether for or against it.

The Millers, from Branford, said they see no problems with it.

Britton Miller stated, “I can understand the other side, but I don’t really think it’s valid because I feel like we have a responsibility as a society to look out for each other and as communities that what we should be doing.”

For businesses, it’s a delicate dance.

Bramato said, “you don’t want to be telling people how to live their lives.”

But the restaurant says it wants to keep diners safe while staying open without restrictions.

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(4) comments


Another example of what the ruling class actually thinks of the masses. What other behaviors of the masses can this model be applied to? Are we so comfortable, so submissive that we don't mind giving up our freedom, our privacy to the likes of Lamont and his appointed minions?


The government needs to stop sending the mixed message that vaccination protects other people from you and yet vaccination doesn't prevent you from catching a transmissible case. We know that, scientifically speaking, those statements cannot *both* be true. If the former is true, then the vaccinated should be 100% free of all restrictions from vaccination point on; if the latter, then there can be no possible purpose for a vaccine mandate or passport. But by playing both sides, Democrats are trying to keep both sets of restrictions upon us to our and their continued detriment.


There you go again...


The good Governor should explore a month in rehab, and when he gets out, voting passports.

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