STAMFORD, CT (WFSB) - The office of the governor is releasing a statement after recent photos were posted on social media within the past 24 hours.

Max Reiss, Director of Communications for Gov. Ned Lamont, says, in regards to the first photo, where he is eating outside:

"Governor Lamont enjoys a meal outside at a cafe in Stamford while following all guidelines for eating outdoors at a restaurant which was following all sector rules. (No, I don’t know what he’s drinking. I’m as curious as you are)."

Lamont in Stamford 02

(Photo provided by Max Reiss)

In regards to the photo with the governor and an individual at Capriccio Cafe, Reiss said:

"The Governor snaps a photo upon standing up, while holding his mask in his left hand, thanks the owner with the great hair, and leaves."

Lamont in Stamford

(Photo provided by Cappricio Cafe)

Both photos were heavily criticized on social media, with users making remarks on how Gov. Lamont is not practicing social distancing guidelines and not wearing a face mask.

The photo was posted to the Cafe's Facebook page, but has since been removed.

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[censored] Amazing the state constantly screams shortfalls and taxes us to death but they can afford to hand money to illegals?Lamont said they pay their taxes,what taxes? They sure have not paid a dime into the same tax bases we are forced to pay into every time we get a paycheck.If they cannot get a drivers license how do they pay into the car tax every year? Can someone tell us what taxes except from grocery stores and packies the taxes they pay but hey anything for a vote.All on the breaking backs of the American workers.Watch out for the increases to cover the payments to the illegals.What will they tax next?


Appears he has a haircut as well.


I bailed on CT years ago, long before it got as bad as it is now. Good luck on next years budget when twits like this give your money away to illegals.


im crossing my fingers for a bankruptcy for the state of CT


Why are you still on this site then?


Democrats live rent free in your head. But, thank you for leaving.


Sure you did..... Tell us more wise one.


Ned and owner NO masks,NO social distancing. but we have to

Brian C. Duffy

You wear an online mask with every post.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT


Better to wear an online mask than to wear a dunce cap like you.

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