HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Despite opposition, Governor Ned Lamont is still pushing ahead with his transportation plan, which includes tolls.

He’s now asking lawmakers to take up transportation during a special session the week of December 16.

Although Lamont may want this to happen, tolls is a big issue and there are other things being voted on in the special session.

Some are still looking for more details on the governor’s plan for tolls as well.

“Let’s start with trucks only. You don’t want cars and trucks. I salute Democrats in the House, they have come forward with a plan,” Lamont said.

Last week, Lamont met with Democrats and Republicans about a plan for tolls.

Now he’s ready for a vote. In a letter to legislative leaders, Lamont wants lawmakers to take up transportation and tolls in a special session.

He says he understands this is a “difficult and expedited timeframe”, but these are “important issues which require resolution before year-end”.

Transportation is a priority, but tolls are a tough sell.

“The taxation that already exists is imposed on Connecticut residents and the fact that the government has not been terribly responsible with my money,” said Cherie Juhnke, No Tolls CT.

Taking up tolls may be even more challenging in a special session.

Transportation would be added to a vote on bonding for cities and towns, along with a hospital settlement and an agreement on clarifying wages for tipped restaurant workers.

A big complaint is that there are no spreadsheets, no paperwork on where tolls would be and how much they would generate.

“I think it’s hard for Republicans to support a toll plan given there is no toll plan on the table. My understanding is they will redraft some numbers and get back to use with other details, but it’s difficult to find support in the House and Senate for a toll plan,” said Senator Len Fasano.

Some Democrats feel the same way. They want to see an actual plan.

"The Senate Democratic caucus is working with the Governor's office and the three other caucuses on a potential mid-December special session. The issues covered by any possible session have yet to be determined," said Kevin Coughlin, Senate Democratic spokesman. 

Last month, state Democrats broke from the governor's plan to toll all cars. Their plan can be found here

Lamont's original proposal, which included tolls, can be read here.

Senate Republicans unveiled their alternative transportation plan in November. It can be read here.


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(10) comments

Christy Duffy

Tolls are taxes.

Taxes on our working.families.

..our people.

Governor Lamont..please understand the burden you are imposing on us the working poor.

I ask you to reconsider. Our future can be better by listening and helping all of us who need help.

Don't give up on Connecticut.

Listen to all the voice that are outside of Hartford.

You can do better. Stop. Listen. Vote No Tolls.


If you voted for Lamont you've gotten what you voted for. We who didn't vote him in are the true victims.


Post an article that shows where residents want tolls to support Lamont and his misrepresentation of our tax dollars. You can't can you?


Deleting my posts is anti free-speech. I am against tolls stop silencing me. Tolls do not have public support. How is this a democracy?


Stop being propaganda machine for this tool.


Tolls don't have public support. Stop it.


We need to chemo the cancer that is Ned Lamont from our state.


So we can get another guy like Rowland, the criminal, that screwed us by taking the pension monies? The balloon payments that he tried fix it with are costing us millions.


I have yet to hear a thing this guy is trying to do other than dictate tolls on our state.


Lamont doesn't care what CT residents want. He's going to shove this garbage down our throats. He needs to go. He doesn't represent us.

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