Gov. Ned Lamont

Gov. Ned Lamont

HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – Gov. Ned Lamont is looking to have his COVID-19 emergency powers extended.

He’s looking to have his powers extended 90 days past the Sept. 30 expiration.

Back in July, lawmakers had voted to extend the governor’s powers.

Lamont’s emergency powers were put in place at the start of the pandemic.

The hundreds of emergency orders covered things like requiring face masks in certain settings, implementing mandates for vaccines, having the Dept. of Education set safety rules for schools and childcare, and providing more temporary housing.

Back in August, Lamont announced that there would be mask mandate at schools until Sept. 30, which is when his powers expire.

He has not yet announced that this mandate would be extended, but he said he'd like to see it continue while children aren't able to get vaccinated.

Over the summer, hundreds of people gathered at the State Capitol to protest Lamont’s emergency orders getting extended.

Lawmakers ultimately did extend his powers to Sept. 30.

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(9) comments


Ned Lamont should be in jail for lying to the public not only about dead covid babies but false mandates that crushed our economy

I pray some day the politicians and corrupt journalist who propagated this upon the American people are held accountable for their deplorable and criminal behavior


Classic bootlicker mentality .. good doggy

Attempt to provoke a reaction then when you get one cry the victim …

To be clear

. You are obviously to lazy and "chicken" to do it yourself.

Is provoking me and you knew it when you typed it

Why.. because I’m not a bootlicker like you and have a different opinion

Then your retort is

Name and shame ….

Your kidding right

Pick a side and stop being bipolar

People might take your seriously

You don’t know a single thing about me warrior

Say what you want .. I don’t care

I’m personally going to ignore you forever

Brian C. Duffy

Quite the tantrum there, Chicken Kook. I don't hide or play victim. I post openly and hold myself accountable for my words, unlike you. You have plenty of company here on this site. I doubt you can "ignore " me forever, you don't have the impulse control. I will continue to play Whack-a-Troll with you and the other anonymous chicken kooks here until WFSB goes Gray. Best wear your helmet and keep your head down.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT "easy to find"


Whatever’s Duffy you bootlicker .. aren’t you due for your vid booster …. Muffdiver

Brian C. Duffy

Name and shame, that's the game. Do we have a winner?


You've given all these elected officials too much power. They'll never let it go now. I'm from the government, and I'm here to help.

Brian C. Duffy

Blame me....if you can.


The child king with his play sough scepter wants his power extended …. It’s time for him to go

I hope those who voted for this fool see the error they made and make a better choice next time

Whatever side you stand for

Pick better leaders .. these people suck and are killing us

Brian C. Duffy

Please provide your name and hometown. I will look up your State Representative and State Senator and forward you views to them. You are obviously to lazy and "chicken" to do it yourself. That's how representative government works.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT "blame me"

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