Gov. proposes $0.25 deposit for wine and liquor


Connecticut may be expanding its bottle bill to help with the state’s budget.

Gov. Dannel Malloy said adding a deposit to wine and liquor bottles could generate millions, but the idea is getting mixed reviews.

Whether you prefer red, white, or rose, Connecticut is thinking green when it comes to wine bottles.

“Just wine or liquor, I don’t even think I would notice that,” said William Sockey of Northford.

As part of a nearly $21 billion budget plan unveiled on Monday, Malloy is proposing expanding the state’s bottle bill.

This bill would add a $0.25 deposit for wine and liquor bottles.

“You can find that $0.25 underneath your truck seat so for me it’s not really going to make a difference,” said John Six of Northford.

For years Connecticut’s Bottle Bill has been adding $0.05 deposits for soda, water and beer. Tacking on the $0.25 for liquor and wine would make Connecticut the first state in the region to do that.

“Do I see a price increase at the store and I think for every person that does return bottles and makes that a part of their regular life, you have just as many people who don’t,” said Sockey.

The state is banking on bringing in an estimated $13 million a year for the people who don’t return their bottles to get the deposit back.

“It will cost other people more money. It’s not going to work, it’s not a good plan. I hope he doesn’t do that,” said Prakash Patel, owner of One Stop Liquor in Wallingford.

This bill is just a proposal, and the Connecticut General Assembly, whom the governor will address in his final State of the State on Wednesday, would still need to sing off on it.

While a quarter doesn’t seem like too much to a consumer, Patel feels it would make more work for distributors and drivers. He is worried it could impact his liquor store, saying he would need to find space to store the empty wine and liquor bottles being returned.

“You can guess how much room we’d need. For the small store, what are you going to do,” said Patel.

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