HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- In an effort to crack down on the spread of the coronavirus, the state is taking another step to make sure people are doing what they’re supposed to be doing to stay safe.

Gov. Ned Lamont signed a new executive order that will fine people for not wearing a mask or face covering on Tuesday night. 

It will also fine people for organizing or participating in a large gathering.

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Specifically, someone not wearing a mask would be hit with a $100 fine.

Then, it’ll be $250 for attending a large gathering and $500 for organizing a large gathering, which would be more than 25 people inside and more than 100 people outside.

The executive order goes into effect immediately. 

This is the 70th executive order since Lamont enacted the emergency declarations. 

The executive order says any person who is in a public location or any location that requires someone to wear a mask, but does not abide by that, will be subject to a fine. It also says if anyone fails to wear a mask or face covering while not maintaining social distancing is subject to the $100 fine. 

People who qualify for medical exemptions will not be subject to a fine. 

There are folks who are against it, and others who aren’t.

“I think you should wear the mask. Everyone should be wearing it. It looks like it's going back up instead of going back down,” said Henry Andrews, of Hartford.

“I think we got enough control in the world. They should just forget that and let people be responsible,” said Sharon Francis, of Bloomfield.

Restaurants and certain businesses will not be included because they already have capacity restrictions in place.

The executive order does note that any business that violated the gathering size restrictions will be subject to a $500 fine. 

The executive order will remain in effect until November 9, 2020. 

To see the executive order, click here

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(7) comments


and just how will this be enforced

Brian C. Duffy

The same as jaywalking or littering. Welcome to the 21st century.



This will probably be enforced though tickets written by the police! I would imagine that it would be similar to fines for not wearing a seatbelt or talking on the phone while driving. Stay safe out there, and wear your mask in public!


That's my question. Suppose we all decide to be proper New Englanders and not turn informant on each other as if we were living in a dystopian version of Soviet Russia. Will our illustrious governor start issuing fines for people who witnessed Mask Violations and didn't turn them in to the Government?

You know, I have actually followed the law strictly, even though masks do give me medical problems (tried to get proper documentation for it lately? good luuuuck!), mostly through increasing isolation to avoid masking situations, and I've so far come down with *two* different droplet-spread viruses, neither of them COVID. Gotta wonder what all this is for...

Brian C. Duffy

You wonder often oh little one, so let me help you. Please read slowly. Lamont does not enforce this law or any law. Local police may issue tickets if they witness a violation; they won't entertain citizen reports for the same reasons they don't for the aforementioned littering, jaywalking, handicapped parking violations, smoking violations, etc. If you feel you are wrongly ticketed for any alleged infraction you have the right to fight it in court. Or you could just continue to waste you time here.


Wondering is the sign of an intelligent mind; assuming that you already know all the answers is a sign of arrogance. (As is patronizing total strangers on the Internet. I guess it's easier to be rude to someone if you cannot look the person in the eye.) So I believe I will choose intelligence over arrogance.

Brian C. Duffy

I hold myself accountable for my words, be they perceived rude or arrogant, online and in person. Screen name users deserve little respect from me.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT

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