Gov. Lamont at paid leave newser

Gov. Ned Lamont announced on May 3 that 108,911 businesses registered for Connecticut's new paid family and medical leave program, and submitted $102 million in the first quarter of contributions.

(WFSB)- Governor Ned Lamont released a statement earlier today regarding the emergence of the new Omicron variant.

He says, “We are monitoring a new COVID variant of concern, which was identified by the World Health Organization on Friday. This new variant – named Omicron – was first reported to the WHO by government officials in South Africa. Our team at the Connecticut Department of Public Health, led by Commissioner Manisha Juthani, is following these developments closely. While there have been no cases of the Omicron variant reported here in Connecticut or the United States to date, we still must be vigilant. Given the number of countries where Omicron has already been detected, it may already be present in the U.S.”

He continues, “Earlier this year we set up a network of labs, coordinated by the Connecticut Department of Public Health, that are conducting genomic sequencing on positive test specimens to provide understanding of the variants circulating in Connecticut. Our advance planning in this area will help us track Omicron, in addition to other variants that could appear in the future.”

“This news of the Omicron variant reminds us about the importance of being vaccinated and getting a booster. We have now entered the winter holiday season and still need to mask while in indoor public places, practice proper hand hygiene, get tested, and stay home if you feel sick. That cold may be more than just a cold. It is particularly important to take extra precautions when visiting with older or immune-compromised friends or family who are at higher risk from COVID,” states Lamont.

“There’s a reason why Connecticut has garnered national recognition during this pandemic and that’s because of our residents. With your help, we will get through this next stage, as well,” he concludes.

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Ned is just monitoring for just the right moment to say he needs to keep his King powers


The latest: A South African doctor who was one of the first to identify the new variant reports that symptoms are very mild. If this holds true, then this could be "the variant to get" - and the end of "COVID" as we know it - the mutation that turns it into just another coronavirus.


Look at all the lemmings behind him wearing their face diapers. Fully boostered up I'm sure (for now).

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