HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Connecticut's governor began submitting a series of proposals to lawmakers on Tuesday.

Gov. Ned Lamont said the proposals will help economic development.

One involved shrinking the state's borrowing by 39 percent.

Lamont called it a self-imposed "debt diet."

Between 2012 and 2019, the state averaged approximately $1.59 billion worth of bond authorizations per year, he said.

Lamont’s proposed budget will significantly scale that back, bringing annual bond authorizations to $960 million, a reduction of nearly $600 million.

“We cannot put Connecticut’s future on the credit card,” Lamont said. “The state has had a problem putting costs on Connecticut’s credit card that it simply can’t afford to pay. As we get ready to release a budget that will reshape and stabilize Connecticut’s financial future, it is essential we look at our state’s borrowing and how the size of those future debt service costs will pile onto existing obligations – impacting our future, and our children’s. To trim costs down the road, we have to reduce our bloated capital spending starting right now.”

Lamont's other proposals being unveiled on Tuesday include:

  • Simplifying residents' experience with the Department of Motor Vehicles, which would include extending time between license and registration renewals and implementing online license renewals.
  • Expanding the number of government agencies that are able to participate in public-private partnerships, like the Department of Transportation and private companies coming together to spur development along CTFastrak in Hartford.
  • Making it easier to vote during elections by making it a holiday and swapping it with another day, having better technology and opening more locations for same-day registrations. Also, Lamont wants to increase the number of workers by allowing high school and college credit for volunteering during and before local elections.

Lamont issued an open letter to Connecticut residents on Monday.

In it, he addressed the budget he'll be presenting on Feb. 20.

He said he plans to hold the line on the operating budget and will increase investments in technology.

Channel 3 will have more with Lamont online and on Eyewitness News at 5 p.m.

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A voting holiday? How would that make it simpler. Other than the state works (who only work 37.5 hrs/wk) who would that benefit? Not anyone working for a business who have to make money. If you want to help the elections, stop the state sponsored VOTER FRAUD!

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