HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Connecticut's governor urged lawmakers to vote on stronger gun laws.

Gov. Ned Lamont spoke at an event for Connecticut Gun Violence Advocacy Day around 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

The event was co-hosted by several organizations, including the Newtown Action Alliance and the Sandy Hook Promise.

Beforehand, volunteers delivered more than 1,000 signed petitions and met directly with lawmakers to talk about legislation.

They addressed Ethan's law, which would strengthen laws about firearms storage, a law banning undetectable and untraceable guns, and a law aimed at making owners of pistols and revolvers store their weapons in a locked container when they leave the guns in an unattended vehicle.

Many feel the laws are not enough, and they said guns are too easy to get.

"If that gun in Greenwich was locked up, I wouldn't be standing here as a survivor," said Tara Donnelly, whose parents were killed in a Fairfield jewelry store.

They were shot by Chris Dimeo who stole an unsecured gun while robbing a home.

"That is something that is going to stop and that's what this bill will do," Lamont said.

Lawmakers are considering a few bills.

One bans so-called "ghost guns" and 3D printed guns, where unserialized and unregistered parts are sold on the internet.

Gamel Dawkins' 12-year-old brother Clinton was killed in December, standing in front of their Bridgeport home.

"My family took a tragic loss due to gun violence, it's something we're trying to combat," Dawkins said.

Another bill is named after Kristin Song's son Ethan, who was 15 when he accidentally shot himself with a gun owned by his friend's father.

The gun was not loaded but was stored in a cardboard box with ammunition. 

That bill requires all weapons to be locked up.

While Democrats are pushing for these laws, some Republicans are on board.

"It's an emotionally charged issue but its an opportunity to bring everyone into a room to have a conversation," said Republican State Rep.

The group "Moms Demand Action" feels Connecticut must pass common sense gun laws.

"New technology is incredible, you can get in faster to a safe than your cell phone. That would have saved my son's life," Kristin Song said.

Another bill would prohibit people leaving guns loaded or not in an unattended car.

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(5) comments


Why is it we let corrupt politicians 'vote' for laws that affect us? Should they represent us and vote how we best want our state run? Instead they are voting how one political party wants our state run. That is just plan wrong and unconstitutional. Take the vote to the people of CT and remove the corrupt politicians. If this vote does happen, and the democrats get their way, there will be one more 'criminal' in CT carrying guns. How many of you will become a criminal?


Still awaiting the law that takes guns out of the hands of Urban criminals that shoot up at least one Connecticut city every night. Oh you say, that one will never be fixed. Lets enforce legal citizens and over enforce.

Mr Verdad

There are 400 million firearms in this country, with an average of 14k firearm related homicides per year. About 2k of those are ruled self defense/justified and about 500 of those are ruled accidental. Nearly - and I mean NEARLY - all remaining firearm deaths are criminal on criminal actions. Do the research - the numbers are there (2015 crime data).

Now there are 250 million automobiles in this country with an average of 40k deaths per year related to them. On average 11 teenagers in the US die in texting related accidents every day. So why do we make phones that communicate when in motion? Why do we make cars that go faster than the speed limit?

One in every five drowning deaths in the US are children under the age of 14. And for every child who dies from drowning another 5 receive emergency department care for non-fatal submersion injuries. Children, having a household swimming pool are 19-25 times more likely to die in it than with a firearm. In fact, the overall number of swimming pool deaths per 100k is 8.38. That is TWICE the rate for the number of firearm homicides per 100k. Why do we still allow swimming pools?

And just to dirty the water a bit more - the US performs 650k abortions every year (compared to 14k firearm homicides). Why do those fetuses deserve to be terminated? If all life is precious and must be saved from all the firearms out there why do we terminate fetuses at nearly 50 times higher rate than actual firearm homicides?


Seriously? 9mm, .40 & 45 lock guns to criminals obey gun laws? I doubt it. So, abide lawfully citizens obey speed tin signs? I doubt it. A reasonable person has common sense. Paper laws doesn't protect American citizens. Tighten laws really? Unbelievable, stop wasting our time and our tax money. Reverse, Mallory's unconstitutional gun laws. I was a former law enforcement and soldier. Obey our Constitution especially, our 2nd amendment


*Malloy"s *editing spelling*

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