Granby area hit with large hail during severe storm

Hail in East Granby (Lisa Dickinson)

There are a lot of downed trees and power lines throughout the state, but in the Granby area, residents are dealing with a different type of damage.

Homeowners in the area collected some of the hail, which were the size of golf balls.

There were also pieces that were even larger than that. and you can see how the chunks of hail are a good bit bigger.

The hail was so large that it destroyed two windows and two skylights at a home in Granby.

The hail also mangled some of their shutters and roof shingles.

Homeowners say they feel like they were pretty lucky because some of their neighbors dealt with even bigger issues.

One resident said they will likely have to get a new car because hers was damaged so badly, but after watching some viewer video of the storm as it hit no one could be surprised about all the wreckage.

Put brown says he was a little frightened last night but mostly he was simply amazed by the sheer power of the storm.

“When you think about it these things came down from thousands of feet and somehow there was enough air pressure to keep these swirling around up in the air so they could accumulate this kind of mass before they somehow fell out of the sky,” said Brown.

Put says he didn’t collect the hail until well after the storm hit so they had actually melted a good bit already but obviously they were certainly big enough to create quite a mess.

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