Grave site mementos found in trash pile at Farmington cemetery

Mementos were found in a trash pile at a Farmington cemetery (WFSB)

Some families of people buried at Riverside Cemetery in Farmington are outraged after they said personal mementos left near loved ones’ graves stones were dumped in a pile of trash.

A pile behind a shed at the cemetery is full of trash, grass clippings, and personal mementos that the cemetery has removed from graves.

Some of them include a World War II medal, a 9/11 memorial statue, and a rock painted by a child to his deceased father.

“I'm more hurt because every single item that was placed here was with love and I just don't understand how somebody so callously could just rake it up into a pile,” said Wendy Jersey, who visits the cemetery with her daughter to visit the graves of parents and grandparents.

They had kept a small wind chime at the graves, which has since been confiscated.

They were also stunned to learn new rules were in place not allowing anything other than flower pots in the warmer months and fake flowers in the winter, and only ornamentation considered understated and dignified allowed.

Eyewitness News reached out to the treasurer of the board for the cemetery who sent over the rules, which say in part “the cemetery rules of ornamentation are in place to balance individual expressions of grief on the one hand, while keeping the cemetery a dignified quiet place for contemplation and respect for all with a minimum of clutter and distraction. The stone monument placed on a grave serves as a permanent meaningful memorial.”

The treasurer said they have received many complaints from mourners who found too much clutter around graves undignified and the cemetery was simply putting to writing rules that were technically always there, but were never formally written.

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