Restaurant workers, CT senator condemn Trump plan involving tips

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A time filled with tragedy for a Rocky Hill woman was made just a little bit easier by a generous couple last week.

Karen Harrison lost her husband, father and friend to cancer last year.

Her husband Bill's health problems started with a stuffy nose. But doctors found it was caused by a tumor that had stretched from cheek to cheek

"They put in a fake mouth, they reconstructed a cheekbone, they did radiation and chemo and he died 8 moths later," said Harrison.

She said it was heartbreaking watching her husband be eaten away by cancer.

"It's so hard to see a person who is so independent, turn to this...helpless, weak individual," said Harrison.

Now the single mother is working to pick up the pieces.

But things are starting to look up for her after she received an unexpected surprise from two customers.

Mick and Diana Delorenzo decided to stop in for a late lunch and were served by by Harrison.

"We just started taking to her and find out where she's from and everything. And then she told us her story," said Diana Delorenzo.

They exchanged numbers and followed each other on social media.

The couple had recently held an event called "Jammin' for a Cure", which was a benefit rock concert to help those affected by cancer.

"I said, I want to hold the money for a little bit because I want to find the right person to donate it to and we met Karen," said Deloranzo.

After meeting Harrison, they returned to the restaurant, took a seat and presented her with a sealed envelope.

In the envelope was a $1,000 check and a handwritten note.

Karen said the couple are her angels and believes her husband guided them to her.

"Cancer is horrible, cancer robs you of so much. But again, it brings amazing people into your life," said Harrison.

Luckily for Harrison, the couple happened to be at the right place at the worst time.

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