HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Should Governor Lamont be given more power?

A group protesting today at the state capitol says enough is enough.

Should Governor Lamont be given more power? A group protesting today at the state capitol says enough is enough.

Lamont wants to extend some executive orders put in place during the pandemic.

Connecticut is doing a lot better than it was a few months ago. The state’s positivity rate is under one percent.

Some say the emergency is over and it’s time to stop what they call “a one person rule”.

Hundreds of people, including members of CT Liberty Rally, demanded an end to the Gov. Ned Lamont's emergency powers.

“Do you want the state of emergency to end? Do you want to stop being ruled by the mandates of one man?" Jonathan Johnson asked.

Well over one hundred people came out to the state capitol, some referring to the governor as “King Ned”.

They want to stop Democrats from extending the governor’s executive powers.

“He’s been ruling the state for fifteen months, sixteen or seventeen months. He wants another six months? what’s wrong with that picture?" Jeff Vaimberger of Hartford asked.

A majority of the emergency orders put in place during the pandemic have expired.

Lamont wants to keep eleven in place until the end of September, but it’s up to the legislature to approve it.

“A very narrow group of reasons why I want to continue this - and they can veto any executive order they want on a very timely basis," Gov. Ned Lamont said.

Out of the eleven orders, Lamont wants to expand parking lot sites for vaccinations, have the Department of Education set safety rules for schools & childcare, and provide more temporary housing.

A group of people demanded an end to the governor's emergency powers.

“The issues we are having today with COVID and disease is at their laps. They own it. They refuse to get vaccinated, they refuse to wear masks. We know from science masks work and vaccinations work," Democratic Senate majority leader Bob Duff added.

A lot of those speaking at today’s rally are Republican lawmakers seeking reelection, including a former candidate for governor who gave out thousands of free masks.

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(4) comments


Of course the dems will extend King Ned's power. They're too lazy to govern. so they pawn in off on Ned


All those vitamins don't stop your whining and crying? That is strange.


Still UNvaccinated, UNmasked, UNmuzzled, and UNafraid.

Beats being a Branch COVIDian


Still a precious little gem of a snowflake. Put your mask on. You wouldn't want be any more of a fraud than you already are. Keep on freeloading child.

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