NEW LONDON (WFSB) - The candidates for governor faced off for the first time in a date on Wednesday night.

Democrat Ned Lamont and Republican Bob Stefanowski debated in New London.

Unaffiliated candidate Oz Griebel was not allowed to participate.

Some who watched told Channel 3 that they felt the two candidates were on the attack.

During the debate, both Stefanowski and Lamont blamed each other for how they would fix Connecticut's problems.

When asked about lowering taxes, Lamont said Stefanowski's plan will "benefit the millionaires" and bankrupt cities and towns.

"The debate started out by me saying 'I love Connecticut and here are three specific things we need to do,'" Lamont said. "His debate started out by saying, 'I can't stand Dan Malloy' and 'Ned Lamont this or that.' He was on the attack."

Lamont hammered Stefanoswki's plan to get rid of the income tax.

Stefanowski brought up current Gov. Dannel Malloy's name a lot. He said Lamont sounded "a clone of Dan Malloy."

He also had a few specifics on what he would cut.

"The priority was to point the difference in the election between someone who is going to continue Dan Malloy and who's going to be an agent of change," Stefanowski said. "I think it was very apparent tonight who's going to change the state and who's going to continue the status quo."

Channel 3 caught up with some voters afterward.

"I didn't find that they had a solution, all they do is attack each other," said Linda Mantzaris of Groton. "And that to me, is discouraging."

"I thought it was wonderful, well done," said F. Jacob Kaeser of New London. "The crowd was into it."

"I think it's going to be the change in Connecticut we need," said Vinnie Moccia of Madison. "We've [been] doing the same thing for such a long time."

The debate ended on a lighter note with some laughter.

Both candidates were asked what song they'd sing at karaoke.

Lamont said some Bob Marley. Stefanowski said he'd keep it simple and sing "Happy Birthday."

Stay with Channel 3 for continuing coverage of Campaign 2018.

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