GUILFORD, CT. (WFSB) - Mary Beeman, the campaign manager for the Guilford republican school board candidates, commented, "helping kids of color to feel they belong has a negative effect on white, Christian, or conservative kids," during a UConn. virtual education forum.

The forum was on how to teach race and critical race theory (CRT) in school. 

According to the American Barr Association, CRT is the practice of investigating the role of race and racism in society and how that role impacted the legal academy and other fields of scholarship.

When questioned about her comment, Beeman said, "The statement I made was poorly worded and shown out of context. Guilford students who may have staunch Judeo-Christian values, or simply are conservative thinkers, have been bullied into submission by their teachers and fellow students with left-leaning ideologies."

Former Guilford Chairman Bill Bloss said, "exactly what context would that comment be positive in."

Bloss, who was on the school board for 20 years, said that republicans falsely claim CRT has been taught in Guilford schools, without proof.

He is advising independent candidates and feels Beeman should resign.

Truth in Education, a national group that says its for parents' rights to decide what their children are taught. 

David Holman is a member, while he does not have children, he is still fighting to stop CRT.

Holman said, "we are a great country-our founding documents says all men are created equal."

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Brian C. Duffy

David Holman does not know Truth in Education is Thomas Jefferson meant white men.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT


"The forum was on how to teach race and critical race theory (CRT) in school. "

Gee Mr Bloss, how is teaching hate and division via the bogus CRT ideas able to be viewed in a positive way? Hypocritical much? CRT is divisive and has no place in learning.


Can you explain what CRT is? I would love to hear your explanation.

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