Gypsy moths expected to return to state, damage trees

Gypsy moths killed tons of trees in CT last year (WFSB)

Gypsy moths are back this year and they're going to be taking over parts of the state soon.

Residents can expect to see these gypsy moths later this month.

They killed tons of trees in Connecticut last year, and this year they're expected to do the same.

Dark looking caterpillars that start to feed on leaves and trees, they eventually turn into a moth.

The males can fly, but the females cannot.

They invaded parts of Connecticut last year.

“Last year was pretty intense. We did have some isolated pockets throughout the area that we received a good amount of damage,” said Jeff Delaune, arborist.

Some arborists like Delaune don't think they'll be as bad this year.

People can expect to see them in late April to early May.

These moths can ruin trees, like spruce, maple, oaks and willow trees.

They are also capable of killing the trees.

“The first time out they probably won’t kill the tree, but if it does happen repeatedly over and over two to three years there is a better than average chance that tree will not be able to leaf out again,” Delaune said.

In order to get these insects under control, the state will need some back to back rainy springs.

“It's going to take a couple to a few years to really of continuous wet springs to get that type of insect under control,” Delaune said.

There are different crop chemicals you can use on trees to remove the moths, or you can call a tree company.

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