HAMDEN, CT (WFSB) - Quinnipiac University released the results of a poll about an officer-involved shooting that happened in New Haven last month.

Hamden residents said 66 percent to 11 percent that the April 16 shooting was not justified, the poll said.

However, residents approve 62 to 29 percent of the job Hamden police are doing.

The results were released on Wednesday morning.

"This survey suggests that Hamdenites regard the incident as an aberration, rather than indicative of how the Hamden Police Department operates," said Quinnipiac University School of Law Professor William Dunlap.

Following the release of the results, protesters are demanding Hamden's police commission take action and fire the officer who shot at an unarmed couple. 

Quinnipiac said the poll asked Hamden residents about their attitudes toward their police department, an officer from which was seen on camera firing at a vehicle police believed was involved in a suspected armed robbery.

Hamden officer Devin Eaton and Yale officer Terrance Pollack were both involved in the shooting, which happened on Dixwell Avenue in New Haven.

About 70 percent of Hamden residents said the officers should be disciplined. Thirty-eight percent took it further and said both should be fired.

Passenger Stephanie Washington, 22, was shot in the face by the injuries were non-life-threatening. The driver, Paul Witherspoon, was not hurt.

State police said they found no weapon in the vehicle.

The incident sparked outrage in both the Hamden and New Haven communities.

Protests were held in both municipalities over the course of several days as critics of the Hamden and Yale departments demanded justice.

However, the majority of Hamden residents polled said they can trust the local police to do what is right and called the shooting an "isolated incident" and not indicative of how the Hamden Police Department operates.

Though, they did want police to make a greater effort to build relationships with community members.

The poll also shows 66 percent of black residents responded that they worry about being the victim of police violence, compared to just 12 percent of whites and 39 percent of Hispanic residents. 

"What's happening to us is not happening to them, so they don't see it. They don't see the racial profiling," said Rodney Williams, Witherspoons' uncle. 

Hamden's mayor feels eventually, his officer will be held accountable. 

"Overall, we have a very strong police department in Hamden that people support and people want in their neighborhood. We have areas we need to improve on. We can always get better, we will get better," said Mayor Curt Leng, Hamden. 

Leng says he'd like to see more walking beats and bike patrols. 

He also says any discipline won't happen until after the investigations are finished. 

A Hamden Police Commission meeting was set to take place on Wednesday night, but was canceled due to protesters. 

The demonstrators are angry that the commission did not immediately fire Officer Eaton. 

There were moments of peaceful protest at the meeting, but at other points anger spilled over, eventually spiraling the meeting out of control. 

The protesters, including Kerry Ellington, demanded Police Commission Chair, Michael Iezzi, immediately terminate Officer Eaton. 

But, Iezzi said he can't decide whether to fire until the investigation into Officer Eaton's conduct ends. 

"If you were there this evening, I think you know why I had no other option other than to shut the meeting down because there was no ability to communicate," Iezzi said. 

Protesters got in a few parting shots by surrounding commission members as they walked to their cars. 

"They knew exactly what they were coming into tonight and they should have given the community the respect," said Arvia Walker. 

For more on the poll's results, head to its website here.

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