EAST HAVEN, CT (WFSB) – A Hamden Public Schools employee resigned after a video surfaced of her allegedly calling a man the 'n-word' has gone viral, said Superintendent Jody Goeler.

The incident took place at the Shop Rite in East Haven on Friday night.

The video shows the woman, a former clerk who was employed at the Hamden Public High School, Corinne Terrone, identified by a school representative, spitting at the male as well as using hate speech. The woman’s children witnessed the incident.

According to Goeler, school administrators filed a Department of Children and Families report because Terrone's children were present.

The Superintendent announced Terrone resigned shortly after an investigatory meeting was scheduled.

“Shortly after final arrangements were made today for the investigatory meeting, the employee tendered her resignation effective immediately,” said Goeler in a statement. 

Superintendent Goeler said the language used in the video does not reflect the values of the Hamden Public School System. “Someone who will use that sort of language in any setting whether public or private is not someone we want anywhere near our children.”

“The employee is separated from service, and we hope that her children will receive the support they need after witnessing such a traumatic event,” said Goeler. 

The full statement can be seen here

East Haven Police is investigating the incident.

According to Lieutenant Joseph Murgo, they have not been in contact with any victims from last night’s incident.

Police has also been in touch with ShopRite regarding the incident. 

“We are urging any potential victims of last night’s incident to contact us so we can investigate this matter further,” said Lieutenant Murgo in a statement.

Likewise, Hamden Mayor Curt Balzano Leng issued a statement, “What I saw was vile and shocking. While I am disgusted and disheartened seeing such hateful behavior, wildly unacceptable anywhere, I am thankful for the swift and effective actions taken by our school system to address this head on and make clear that hate and violence will not be tolerated.”

Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano and State Representative Joe Zullo, who both represent East Haven, said the video depicts behavior that is shocking and upsetting, and is "is repulsive and deeply offensive and does not represent the people of East Haven or our values."

The East Haven Police Department can be reached at 203-468-3820.

Stay with Channel 3 for updates.

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Well Educated Liberal

This pitiful little subhuman needs to be arrested and locked up for hate crimes. Life in prison with no possibility of parole. Lock her up along with the rest of the mouth breathing drumpftler voters. The use of that word is hate speech and should never be used except by African Americans.
#Warren/Harris2020 #HillaryisMYPresident #I'mStillWithHer #neverdrumpf #resist #impeach


Sorry, but it is NOT acceptable for blacks to use that word, either.

Well Educated Liberal

First of all, the politically correct term is African Americans. As someone that identifies as African American, using any term but that is racist towards me and my biracial children.
Second, if African Americans choose to use that word, it's part of their heritage and lingo and reminds everyone to continue to expose racism whenever they come across it.
#Warren/Harris2020 #HillaryisMYPresident #I'mStillWithHer #neverdrumpf #resist #impeach

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