Hartford firefighter safety message

Hartford firefighters went door-to-door to bring safety messages to residents (WFSB)

HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Firefighters in Hartford are knocking on doors with fire safety messages for this time of year.

They’re zeroing in on neighborhoods that have the highest number of fires.

The firefighters have been going door to door for the past two weeks with a bag of helpful info that could prevent a tragedy from fire.

Some residents got a morning visit from Hartford firefighters.

On Friday, firefighters from the special services unit were on Shultas Place.

“It was nice I actually feel kind of safe they’re actually checking up on everybody it was nice,” said Monica Mendez.

There’s a reason why firefighters are in this neighborhood.

“There were five neighborhoods in the city of Hartford where the incidence of fire occurs more than anywhere else in the city,” said Deputy Chief Alvaro Cucuta, Hartford Fire Department.

Those five neighborhoods are upper Albany, Barry Square, Clay Arsenal, South Green and Frog Hollow.

It’s based on fire data collected over the past five years.

During the door knock, firefighters give safety information, and encourage tenants to get renter’s insurance, 90 percent of renters in hartford don’t have it.

“It gives us an opportunity to meet with our residents face to face and give them that educational information that’ll keep them safe and keep our firefighters safe because it reduces the volume of calls that we’re going on,” said Captain Mario Oquendo, Special Services Unit, Hartford Fire Department.

To date in 2018, Hartford fire has responded to over 125 structure fires and 600 fire calls.

The deputy chief says the number one cause of fire is unattended cooking.

The department hopes this neighborhood outreach will build relationship, and prevent fires.

“We will gladly, gladly accommodate any questions that you have and answer them,” said Oquendo.

In all, Hartford has 17 neighborhoods and firefighters eventually will get to the rest of the city in the coming months.

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