HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - On Wednesday, firefighters in the capital city got hands on rescue training.

Specifically, for people who may have the unfortunate experience of getting trapped inside an elevator.

Imagine the elevator you’re riding on is stuck and you are trapped.

But don’t panic! There’s hope for help. An emergency call button will ring over to your firefighters.

“We get called pretty frequently to people stuck in elevators. It goes from everything from your routine elevator breakdown to your medical emergency inside of an elevator,” said Lt. Brian Thompson, Executive Officer of Hartford Fire Department.

For the past two weeks, Hartford firefighters from a variety of companies across the city are training in this elevator rescue class.

“So, we don’t put the people in the elevator in panic,” said Thompson.

The class includes awareness, operation and the technical and rescue courses for elevator rescues.

“Not only are you dealing with sometimes lowering and raising systems to get victims out of an elevator shaft but you’re also dealing with an enclosed space. It really brings all the aspects of a technical rescue all into one,” Thompson said.

In 2016, Hartford firefighters responded to 129 calls. In 2017 there were 92 calls, and so far, this year there have been 80 calls.

The training ground was at Hartford Hospital’s Center for Education, Simulation and Innovation.

“Anyway, we can help save lives we’re all in. These folks will be at the scene first and the better we can train them to take care of patients before they get to the hospital, the better chance we have of saving lives,” said Stephen Donahue, Director of Operations at Hartford Hospital CESI.

A firefighter’s main objective is going to be to help someone stuck inside of an elevator but this training also looks out for the firefighters themselves.

“You never want to put a rescuer in a position where you have now two victims so safety is always first and foremost,” said Thompson.

It’s training that gives firefighters the edge to get help to people as soon as they can.

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