(WFSB) - Healthcare providers continue to expand where people can get vaccinated.

Hartford HealthCare is now vaccinating its ER patients with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Every single state this week will feel the impact of a manufacturing mishap that wasted millions of doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, but Hartford HealthCare is moving forward with its new ER vaccination program, saying things will be fine.

In a move to improve vaccine accessibility, Hartford HealthCare is bringing the Johnson and Johnson vaccine to all nine of its emergency departments.

ER patients will be offered a dose as they are discharged.

The Hospital of Central Connecticut in New Britain was one of the first to kick off the program.

To reach even more people with the vaccine, Hartford HealthCare has brought some of their doses to the ER.

"I'm beyond thrilled that our little ER, small but mighty, is offering this to our patients. We are the bearer of society. We are the safety net for our patients," Erica Paz, a nurse at the Hospital of Central Connecticut's emergency room, stated.

Hartford HealthCare estimates this program will vaccinate 2,000 a week once it's fully rolled out.

"This is another effort to ensure that no person can fall through the cracks, that we are protecting the health and well being, and ensuring the maximum amount of access to all people whose care we are entrusted with," Hartford HealthCare CEO Jeff Flaks says.

This week, the state is expecting at least 48,000 fewer doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine after a grave error at a Maryland manufacturing facility in March, but Hartford HealthCare says they have the supply to go on with the program for now.

"We understand that the various kinds and types of vaccines we have will vary from week to week. That's something we've been managing from the start," Dr. James Cardon, Chief Clinic Integration Officer for Hartford HealthCare, added.

Before this, Hartford HealthCare started offering vaccinations to patients transitioning out of their hospitals.

This week, they'll start offering vaccinations to patients admitted into their behavioral health centers.

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