HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- There is a pesky problem in Hartford.

More and more rodents are squeaking around the city, and before the mice and rat problem gets even more out of hand, the city is taking control.

A spray job in the south end of Hartford was happening on Thursday to treat the edge of an apartment building to keep mice and rats out.

Luie Alvarez has seen them firsthand.

“I’ve caught rats this big. They develop into about this big, the size of cats,” Alvarez said.

The most common rat in Hartford is a 16-inch Norway rat.

Richland Pest and Bee Control is noticing the uptick in rodents with the number of calls over the last two years.

“No one wants mice, but you know rats are bigger they require water daily, they will eat more food, you know it’s basically just a larger bodied creature,” said Mike Sarnese, of Richland Pest and Bee Control.

Complaints have been piling into the city of Hartford, and just in 2018 there were 260 complaints.

Sarnese says it’s not only in Hartford, but all across the state.

“They’ve been thieves of our food, our water our comfort you know our housing for generations and they’re not going anywhere,” Sarnese said.

We’re seeing more rats and mice because of construction around the city and utility work, climate change

It could also simply be situations where garbage is overflowing. That’s a feasting site for mice and rats.

“With a lot of the construction going on that’s displaced a lot of rodents even in West Hartford right on the Hartford line, Elizabeth Park even some of the really nice areas are getting not just mice but rats because of the situation going on,” Sarnese said.

That’s why the mayor of Hartford is budgeting for a rodent control program in 2020.

Two additional rodent inspectors, rodenticide and a public information campaign.

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