HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- Voters delivered Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin a key victory on primary night.

Bronin picked up the Democratic nomination with a decisive win over his two Democratic challengers.

“I think voters made their voices heard yesterday and I think what we all heard is that while we have so much work to do, people see the progress,” Bronin said.

After defeating former mayor Eddie Perez and State. Rep. Brandon McGee by wide margins, his focus now shifts to November and the challenge ahead.

“We've always expected that we'll be campaigning all the way through November, but it's good to get past yesterday,” Bronin said.

It’s an important victory for Bronin, but also short lived. He and three more candidates waiting for him on the November ballot, and that’s before former mayor Eddie Perez decides whether he’ll stay in the race.

J. Stan McCauley planned to run independent of any party, but then picked up the Republican endorsement.

“Well I am the Democratic that everybody trusts,” McCauley said.

McCauley is a TV entrepreneur. He says he has a history of connecting with the community and giving residents a voice.

“I've been in touch with Hartford for 37 years giving people a voice in the community,” McCauley said.

Also in the race are petitioning candidates Aaron Lewis and Giselle Jacobs.

Jacobs runs a cleaning company called Soldier Sisters Environmental Services. We also reached out to Lewis, an entrepreneur, but he didn’t respond.

Bronin is confident voters will agree that he’s steered Hartford through some tough times. But McCauley says much of the city’s recent success is the result of past mayors.

“Most of the projects that he lays claim to were underway well before he got here,” McCauley said.

The field may not be done growing, as Perez said on Tuesday he was thinking about staying in the race as the petitioning candidate.

“I don't know what I’m going to do, but what I am going to do is continue to make a difference wherever I’m at,” Perez said.

Of course, Perez knows he needs to make a decision quickly, as the election is on Nov. 3.

Bronin, meanwhile, said he takes all candidates seriously and that he’s ready for another challenger.

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