HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - One Hartford neighborhood has been facing many sleepless nights.

Neighbors in the Parkville section are buying earplugs and eye masks because industrial grade lights and generators have been buzzing nonstop for weeks.

Neighbors say it’s like a never-ending construction site.

Industrial sized light in the area light up the entire parking lot and can’t help but burst through the windows of the apartments.

“It’s a constant humming, buzzing sound,” said Joseph Anderson, a neighbor.

For the last seven weeks, this is what Joseph Anderson has been dealing with.

“It’s the sound of generators going,” Anderson said.

It’s not just generators, it’s the lights the generators are powering.

As an electrician, Anderson is very familiar with this setup.

“These are the type of lights that you’d use in nighttime road construction,” Anderson said.

The three industrial sized lights, with generators, were setup here at the Capitol Avenue U-Haul after Anderson says it fell victim to theft.

“Somebody’s stuff got stolen and that’s really unfortunate, but this was not the right move to take for extra security,” Anderson said.

Anderson, who lives a street away on Arbor Street, says the lights are powered on from 7 p.m. until the rental office opens up at 7 a.m.

“I’m sure everyone has seen them before, just imagine that shining into your apartment at night,” Anderson said.

Anderson says complaints to U-Haul and the city went unheard, so he reached out to Channel 3.

Channel 3 found a city ordinance that prohibits noise louder than 51 decibels reaching homes at night.

Channel 3 went to the city’s zoning enforcement official to see if U-Haul was in violation.

He said he was not authorized to comment, and we haven’t heard back from other planning and zoning officials.

Channel 3 also called the general manager of this U-Haul location and haven’t heard back.

Anderson has blackout shades for the light, but it’ll be another restless night because there’s not much that can done for the noise.

“I think they could have gotten a security guard or installed cameras. There’s more reasonable ways to go about this, I just think they chose the cheapest option,” Anderson said.

After nearly two months, Anderson says this noise is really taking its toll and he may start looking to move.

Channel 3 will continue to follow this story.

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