Hartford, New Haven college students protest president-elect Trump

More than 100 students and faculty members protested on the University of Hartford's campus on Friday. (WFSB)

Students gathered in Hartford and New Haven on Friday to protest the election of Donald Trump.

More than 100 students and faculty members marched at the University of Hartford.

Channel Three's Roger Susanin spoke exclusively to students, who said the event about love and not anger. Students carried banners to promote or support peace, LGBTQ issues, undocumented immigrants and minority groups.

Many of the participants worse black to show they are sad about Donald Trump's election day. However, the three freshman who organized the protest want the event to be about positivity.

Jade Bush, Deanna Casey and Kelsey Blackstone told Eyewitness News they only thought about holding the march on Sunday. They said they were thrilled by the message they sent and the number of people who took part.

"This is about love. We don't want to discriminate against anyone. We want everyone to know they're accepted and loved no matter the color of their skin, their religion or their gender," said Bush.

Deanna Casey said she was protesting because she wants students to feel safe on campus.

"You're safe here. We'll stick up for you. We're in this together...you're not gonna be forgotten," Casey said.

The number of protesters who attended grew far beyond what organizers were expecting.

"We had this idea on Sunday night and if someone told me it would have gotten this big I don't know if I would have believed them but it's so great that this has happened. It feels awesome," Blackstone said.

Students also gathered at the New Haven green at 5 p.m. and protested until 8 p.m.

They called the event a solidarity rally.

Organizers said they want to show unity, adding they won't use the words president-elect Donald Trump.

There were marches last week on the green, along with a walk out by students at Yale.

The walk out was over Trump's deportation policies and students called to make the university a sanctuary campus to protect undocumented students.

Protesters know a lot of critics find the events controversial, but they said whether people like it or not the demonstrations will continue.

Some of the students who came out today also plan to go to another protest Saturday night at the State Capitol.

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