Hartford officer says it's his calling to protect and serve

Channel 3 went on a ride along with this Hartford police officer who has been part of the department for about eight years. (WFSB)

While many of us are enjoying time off with loved ones this holiday, there are also those men and women who have taken the vow to serve and protect.

Channel 3 went on a ride along with a Hartford police officer who has been part of the department for about eight years.

Even though he couldn’t be with his family, he said he feels humbled to be able to serve his community.

Every call is different.

“Regardless of the situation, we’re coming,” said Officer Jonathan Rowe.

But he said with every call, his objective is the same.

“We want them to feel safe,” no matter what day, or holiday, it falls on, he said.

The first call turned out to be a child who had dialed 911 and hung up.

After making sure it wasn’t an emergency, Rowe came back downstairs to grab some special gifts from his cruiser.

“It really brings a very, very large smile to the kid’s face,” he said.

The next call was at a grocery store after security alarms went off.

“We’ll make sure there’s no visible signs of forced entry,” he said.

The officers are thorough, looking inside, checking the entire exterior of the building front and back.

“Once it’s kind of been established that there’s no forced entry no broken windows, pries on the door, anything like that we’ll ask the key holder if they would like to come out. In this circumstance, they said no,” Rowe said.

Working in the line of duty is unpredictable,

“Some days we could have, you know, four, five calls other days we can have 15, 20 calls,” Rowe said.

His next stop was at the warming center, to visit the men and women who were there.

“I can’t emphasize it enough it’s a team effort, you know, we all make up the community in the city of Hartford and if they’re feeling safe, we’re doing our job,” Rowe said.

This Hartford officer said he has much to be thankful for.

Waiting at home is his daughter Juliet, who will celebrate her very first Christmas.

“We got her a couple books, and some clothes, because you know a girl has got to have clothes you know,” he said.

It’s a sacrifice that comes with wearing the badge.

“It’s one of those sacrifices that you in your heart know,” Rowe said, adding that it’s his calling to protect and serve his community. “Knowing that other people are safe and protected or we can help them is very. Such an honor and humbling feeling.”

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