HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Channel 3 got a look into a day in the life of a female cop from Hartford.

On Thursday, Eyewitness News tagged along with Officer Tiffany Wilson.

She’s part of the front lines in recruiting that will shape the future of the Hartford Police Department.

Police want to add dozens of more men and women to their ranks.

The city is budgeting to add 60 new officers to the force next year.

Channel 3 got a closer look at who they’re looking for.

“It was a whole life change for me,” Wilson said.

To wear the badge it takes determination, strong people skills, and commitment.

Wilson grew up in the north end on Vine Street.

“I had my first fight here. This girl she threw a bottle and it hit me in the forehead and I still have the scar for it,” Wilson said.

She remembers her days at the Hartford Police Academy.

It was just over four years ago, she was in the classroom and role-playing active police scenarios.

But the faces in the academy have dramatically diversified.

Over the last three years, half of the recruits are minorities, and this year half are women.

The Hartford Police Department has 382 members in its ranks.

Of those, nearly 40 percent are minorities to include black, Hispanic and Asian officers.

Right now, 48 officers are women and after graduation that number jumps to 60.

“There are more female police officers now more than ever. I know that when I approach calls versus my male counterparts, it can go two ways. They can go, ‘oh thank god it’s you’ or they could be like hmm they can size me up and see if they can get over on me,” Wilson said.

It’s been a dream come true for the 45-year-old, who spent nearly two decades working a corporate job in healthcare to now being part of Hartford’s finest.

“Yes, even though I’m wearing this uniform. I’m here to serve and protect you,” Wilson said.

If you think you have what it takes to join the Hartford Police Department, click here.

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