Hartford police shed more light on 1985 murder case


It's been nearly three decades since the body of a woman was found near the Connecticut River in Hartford and police have had few leads to help them uncover what happened.

Raquel Ramirez was discovered near the Charter Oak Landing on June 30, 1985.

Tuesday, the Hartford Police Department's major crimes division and State's Attorneys cold case unit wanted to bring the case back to light.

Ramirez's grown daughter is leading the quest for justice and Hartford police say they need the public's help.

There were a string of women murdered in the mid-1908s. Some of them were prostitutes, but police said Ramirez wasn't one of them.

She was a mother of three who was last seen with friends on a Saturday night and never returned.

Brenda Perez was 10-years-old when she lost her mother.

"As I walk into the house, I see the whole family crying a whole bunch of detectives in suits and that's when we were told my mom was found murdered," said Perez.

In 2005, after a talk with her grandmother, Perez called police to get them to revisit the case.

"She asked me and I decided to take this on," said Perez.

She's been working with police ever since.

Saturday with be the 33rd anniversary of Ramirez's death.

"She was a down to earth person, humble, loved everyone," Perez said.

More than three decades have gone by, but not knowing who did this to her mother still nags at Perez's soul.

"I hope someone has the heart to speak up," Perez said.

Detective Andrew Jacobson has been working on this case since Perez called him back in 2005. Since then, Ramirez's face has been put on playing cards that are used in prisons.

Some tips have come in, but not much has come from them.

They said over the years they've developed little information.

Hartford police took Channel 3 to the scene on Tuesday, hoping images can conjure up some memories.

"I'm not ruling out anything, whether it's a person who is a boyfriend, ex-husband, or someone who just knows her," said Jacobson.

On Tuesday, Perez got to look around the site where her mother was killed and retrace her mother's final steps. Tuning out the noise from the cars above, she was focused and the desire for justice burns even stronger.

"This is the place I think about every day. This is where my mom begged for help, she asked for them to stop, she begged for them to stop and they didn't. They murdered her," said Perez.

Hartford detectives have leads, but they need people who are familiar with this case or even just familiar with Ramirez to come forward.

Anyone who may have a tip on this case is asked to call the tip line at 860-584-0606.

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