Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin, who announced Saturday he is considering a run for governor, once committed to serving a full four-year term as mayor.

A check of the Channel 3 archives showed Face the State moderator Dennis House asking then candidate Bronin about his future during a taping of the Sunday political program that aired on Aug.16, 2015.

"There have been some critics who say that you are only running for mayor of Hartford as a stepping stone to something greater," House said. "Would you commit right now to serving an entire four year term if elected?"

"Absolutely," Bronin responded. "And beyond that, I hope to run for re-election be re-elected and serve that term. You can’t turn a city around in four years."

Bronin recently told Channel 3 that a run for governor in the upcoming election is not something he plans to do, but he said a number of people around him are urging him to do it.

No official decision has been made.

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