Hartford school fights being shared online

Vicious brawls are being recorded in Hartford schools and posted on social media. (WFSB)

Vicious brawls are being recorded in Hartford schools and posted on social media.

Police and school officials are investigating one YouTube account that's recently been posting local fights. A couple of the videos feature schools in the capital city. The school department confirmed that this week, and said they have zero tolerance for what's happening in some of their halls and the popularity it's gaining online.

One two-minute video captures one long violent sequence inside the halls of an unnamed Hartford high school.

The school department confirmed this video was taken this week. They wouldn't share which school it happened at, but it appears that several students engaged in a series of fights. It was captured on phones and uploaded to YouTube.

Hartford freshman Jesus Quintana said it happens “maybe once a month, once or twice.” Even as a freshman, Quintana said he was all too familiar with fights and the online aftermath, where many times, these videos gain a life of their own.

“Maybe they post it so other people can see it, maybe they think it's funny,” Quintana said.

The channel that uploaded this video, has posted a handful of school fights, such as one titled "Gym Fight! Hartford High Fight." It pulls back the curtain and shows the things that can sometimes happen at schools all around the country.

I think that's terrible when they see something and put it on YouTube,” Hartford parent Jose Medina said. “It gets around and the kids think that's something that should be happening all the time in school.”

While parents may be disgusted, students said it's now part of the culture here and many other places.

“I don't really put too much thought into it,” Quintana said. “It's just there and sometimes a lot of people post it.”

Eyewitness News reached out to the person controlling that YouTube account, but haven't heard back. Meanwhile, Hartford schools said they immediately began investigating, but wouldn't comment further on the issue.

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