SHELTON, CT (WFSB) -- You've probably driven down a dark and scary road at one point or another, but there's one Connecticut road in particular that's considered the scariest.

Of the thousands of miles of roads in the state, Sawmill City Road is one less traveled.

It’s a roughly 1.5 mile stretch in Shelton that is classically creepy.

"It's dark, it's narrow, it's a little unnerving at times. Oh yeah, I know people that they say they see all kinds of weird things there,” said resident Gabe Masulli, who grew up near Sawmill City Road.

The legend says there’s a group of people hiding in the woods, possibly a group of monsters.

While it’s a little far-fetched, even at dusk, where you can see the twists and turns as it passes by a reservoir, it's admittedly alarming.

Once the sun sets, it gets dark on Sawmill City Road. So dark, in fact, that you really can't see who's coming around the corners towards you because the road is so narrow. Most of the time, only one car can pass at a time.

People do live on the street, and according to the Only In Your State website, which ranks it the scariest street in Connecticut, "some have reported seeing orbs, hearing screaming from multiple directions at once, and seeing shadowy figures running from tree to tree.”

"I don't know if I’d want to walk it individually without the dog, but she's the security device, she alerts to everything so we're good in that respect,” said Tom Pinto, who was out walking with his dog Winnie when Ch. 3 stopped by to check the street out.

Appropriately, there's even a haunted house on one end of Sawmill City Road, but "Legends of Fear" may not be as scary as what else could be hiding in the woods nearby.

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