(WFSB) – As COVID cases surge throughout Connecticut, doctors are warning residents to be prepared if they do get infected and are quarantined.

Dr. Anthony Santella from the University of New Haven recommends getting enough supplies to last the whole quarantine period.

“A lot of it is just thinking ahead, if I’m going to get sick and it’s going to be a crappy five days or ten days, what would I want in my house, so I don’t need to rely on outside help,” Dr. Santella says.

Health experts say now is the time to stock up on supplies. They say you’ll need a food supply that can last fourteen days. That means soup, canned vegetables, fruits, dry pasta, canned meat, and crackers.

Experts also say staying hydrated is key, so having drinks like water, tea, or Gatorade is good to have on hand.

They also recommend tools to monitor or alleviate your symptoms.

“Having a thermometer on hand so that you know if you have a fever. You don’t want to be going out in public if you have any kind of fever,” says Dr. Santella.

Experts also recommend having over-the-counter meds like cough syrup and Tylenol. Another helpful item is a pulse oximeter.

Dr. Kevin Dieckhaus, Chief of Infectious Diseases from UConn Health says, “with COVID, it is possible to have a low oxygen level, and not even feel it. So, the pulse oximeter helps you identify that before it becomes a true problem that you’re able to feel.”

Experts also recommend keeping tissues, masks, gloves, sanitizer, and a home test kit in your COVID-19 kit.

However, health experts warn against hoarding supplies, and to just buy enough to last fourteen days.

“It’s spreading in the community. So, don’t think about this as someone else’s issue, think about it as everyone’s issue,” says Dr. Santella.

Experts recommend having a plan in case quarantine is necessary. Plan how to isolate yourself, how children and pets will be taken care of, and set emergency contacts.

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I buy supplies to last 14 days when the CDC says I should quarantine 5 days and am most contagious 2 days before symptoms, and 3 days after they show up? After that I can roam about the Country. Trust the science!!!

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