(WFSB) – Federal and state health officials continue to urge people not to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanksgiving tends to be the busiest travel holiday of the year. This year, of course, is different due to COVID-19.

“[We’re] just staying home,” said Ellen Nolan of Portland. “Making a turkey for the four of us.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised Americans not to travel for the holiday.

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The recommendation comes as coronavirus cases in the United States have surpassed 12 million.

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Nolan said her family won’t be traveling this year.

“Typically, we spend it with the Nolan family, and I think we’re all doing small, our own little thing, just to keep everyone safe,” she said.

AAA surveyed Connecticut residents and almost 90-percent said they would not be traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday. More than half of them said it’s because of COVID.

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“At that time, the survey indicated that about 10 percent of Connecticut residents would be traveling,” said Amy Parmenter, spokesperson for AAA greater Hartford. “I wouldn’t be surprised if that number gets a little lower now with the CDC recommendation.”

Parmenter said those who are traveling by car or plane should plan carefully.

“So you really need to know exactly where you’re going, what the restrictions are, what any limitations might be, in terms of hotels and that kind of thing,” Parmenter said.

While gathering with loved ones is what the holidays are typically about, health officials are reminding people to remain vigilant as a vaccine appears to be on the horizon.

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“It’s a difficult year and it’s almost over,” Parmenter said. “And looking forward to a vaccine.”

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I will not comply. I'll be doing my usual Thanksgiving plans this year, just with an extra helping of freedom piled on.


Storming the Capitol virtually again? You will comply. You already told us that you are staying home for Thanksgiving. Or do you have trouble keeping track of your bullsh*t? Your new screen name is cool bro! Your content however is still quite amusing and childish. You must be so proud. Happy Thanksgiving.

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