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HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- Another thing to tax Connecticut families isn't sitting well with some pet owners.

The bill would make people register their pet cats.

Those for the bill say it can remind owners to spay or neuter their animals.

Some lawmakers want to know more about resident's cats and register that information away at local town and city offices. 

It would also be easier to reunite any lost pets.

A similar bill in 2017 failed to advance in the General Assembly.

The licensing fee would be $15.

Dog owners already do this. 

"They're in public a lot more, you know more interactions with dogs and dog parks, things like that. Cats are more either indoor or if you have them outdoors, they keep to themselves," said Alex Lucci, Pet Supplies Plus. 

The licensing fee would be for each cat in a home. 

If residents skip out on the fee, the town clerk would charge the owner a fee and a dollar for each month that's missed. 

"A lot of people you know really love their cats, want to make sure their cats have everything they need. All the vet bills and shots, and everything taken care of," Lucci said. 

A hearing on the bill is set for Monday.

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(4) comments


Gerbils, Hamsters and Gold Fish to follow.


Just another political attempt to squeeze money out of the commonwealth?!...You're going to the CATS now?! - Dogs I can see registering because they are more mobile than cats, but this is RIDICULOUS! Why not charge a fee for parents to register their kids too while you're at?! There can be NO EXCUSE for this feeble attempt to make a monetary gain - it's an act of desperation and is unnecessary to say the least.


What about aquarium fish?


Some poor old cat lady will be bankrupted.

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