Hearing today to address Newington sign controversy

Newington business owners say a temporary sign ban is hurting their bottom lines (WFSB)

There is a battle in Newington between small business owners and the zoning commission.

The controversy centers on where temporary signs can be placed.

Right now, small businesses aren’t allowed to put temporary signs up outside their business.

Wednesday night, they will have a chance to speak up about it.

After concerns over safety and appearance, the town's zoning commission placed a ban on temporary signs. The ban recently expired at the end of June; however, it voted to temporarily extend it.

Business owners could be fined up to $125 for putting up a temporary sign, such as a sandwich board.

Some businesses said the ban has hurt their bottom line because they can’t advertise to drivers.

Zoning officials said they want to keep the ban in place until the board comes up with a policy that works for everybody.

The meeting is Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Town Hall.

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