A Flood watch has been issued for part of Connecticut.

A flood watch has been issued for the Eastern part of the state through Saturday (WFSB).

All of this rain is making life difficult for drivers stuck out on the roads.

Here on Woodland Street in Hartford the mess was hard to miss. A driver skidded into another vehicle which collided with a light pole. Initially the pole fell on the car but police removed it and luckily no one was injured but tonight it’s just one more example of the rain wreaking havoc.

"It seems to never stop raining in Connecticut," Chris Nardone of Marlborough said Friday. "Ever since I came up it just rains all the time, even when it seems to say it’s not gonna rain it starts raining soon enough sure enough."

With the recent rash of rain it’s hard to blame drivers like the folks we spoke with in Glastonbury for getting sick and tired of getting wet and mired.

"It’s kind of annoying I actually took the time to wait to get to the gym to get out of the traffic and then I got into the rain so i didn’t even win there," Ryan Williams of Windsor said.

But as the rain continued to fall something other that water began to sink in - pretty soon all of this rain may turn to something even more problematic.

"I think the rains better less accidents don’t want accidents don’t want ice," Williams said.

"I’m not ready for snow I was talking about it with someone today i’m not ready for five months of winter up here it’s tough."

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