(WFSB) – The investigation into the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos continues.

This weekend, Eyewitness News learned Jennifer’s estranged husband, Fotis Dulos who was arrested in this case, has hired a new lawyer.

The well-known attorney announced this information just days before Fotis Dulos’ court appearance.

Attorney Norm Pattis is a prominent lawyer who has been involved in many cases similar to the Dulos investigation.

High stakes criminal defense is just one of his high areas of legal focus.

Pattis is currently representing right-wing radio host Alex Jones in a defamation case.

Sandy Hook families are suing Jones over claims he made, arguing the massacre was staged.

Jones now blames the comments on psychosis.

Pattis also represented a suspect in the 2015 case of a missing couple from Easton. The bodies of Jeannette and Jeffrey Navin were found months later.

Their son, Kyle, is now serving 55 years for shooting his parents.

Pattis represented Kyle’s girlfriend, Jennifer Valiente. She’s serving 8 years in prison for conspiracy to commit murder and hindering prosecution.

When asked about that case a few days ago, Pattis said “Our defense there was mere presence. Mr. Navin was the killer we contended, we never participated with the state or cooperated. We were asked to, but it was never my client’s intention to do that.”

Pattis also represented Tony Moreno who is the father from Middletown who was found guilty of throwing his 7-month-old son off the Arrigoni Bridge in 2015.

He also defended conservative speaker Lucian Wintrich in 2017 when he was involved in a scuffle with a woman who stole his notes during a speech he made at UConn.

Wintrich was arrested, but the breach of peace case was eventually dropped.

During the case Pattis said, “My client came to Connecticut and was treated like a criminal for no reason.”

Pattis also represented a fugitive from Georgia who hid in Connecticut for nearly 50 years. His client, Robert Stackowitz successfully fought extradition because of his health problems. Stackowitz died in Devember of 2016.

Tuesday is the first time Pattis will represent Fotis Dulos in the criminal case.

Fotis is being charged with hindering prosecution and tampering evidence.

He will appear before a judge in Stamford.

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