HAMDEN, CT (WFSB) - A high school basketball coach was suspended after his girls team ran up the score against an opponent.

Sacred Heart Academy vs Lyman Hall

Sacred Heart Academy in Hamden defeated Wallingford's Lyman Hall High School 92 to 4 on Monday night.

Coach Jason Kirck has yet issue a comment.

His Sacred Heart Academy team is considered one of the best in the state.

It was undefeated and ranked third in this week's GameTime CT Poll.

Before Monday night's game, the team won by scores of 83 to 48 and 80 to 37.

Some coaches take the rankings seriously and think that the bigger they win, the higher they'll be ranked.

By comparison, the Windsor High School boys basketball team won its last two games 116 to 53 and 107 to 58.

Windsor is also the third ranked team in the GameTime CT Poll.

In blowouts like those, however, the opposing team was competitive early. They made some baskets, worked on some plays, and didn't come away feeling embarrassed. 

That wasn't the case for Lyman Hall.

Lyman Hall coach Tom Lipka told CT Insider that Sacred Heart pressed for most of the first half, fast-breaked the entire game, and continued to push the ball up the court. They also shot three pointers and showed no mercy throughout.

Sacred Heart Academy issued a statement:

Sacred heart academy administration and athletics are deeply remorseful for the manner through with the outcome of the game was achieved.

The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference said it has no jurisdiction on the matter, but has been in contact with both schools.

The CIAC said it will continue to support member schools.

"The CIAC promotes safety and sportsmanship above all else for our member schools," said Gregg Simon, associate executive director, CAS-CIAC. "We have been in communication with both schools as well as the Southern Connecticut Conference and we will continue to offer support to our member schools as they work through this difficult situation."

Kirck's suspension is for one game, which was slated for Thursday night.

Sacred Heart Academy and Lyman Hall are slated to play again on Jan. 28.

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(5) comments


Traditionally when a kids team is way ahead, its coach takes that as an opportunity to give the players on the bench a chance to play in an actual game. Unless he has only 5 players on the roster, why not?


Omg suspension? Seriously. I agree the other team should have bettered themselves. And they could have stopped the game themselves at anytime instead of being cry babies. Or at least learned from it.


Clearly the losing team is not very good. Time to hit the court and practice more. Suspending the coach for doing his job is ridiculous but I expect nothing else given the current state we are in.

Concerned Resident

The suspension is just another example of backwards America!

I remember a time when the losing team complained less and practiced more to become a winning team.


Funny, when Geno Auriemma and the UCONN women's team do this to opponents, they're treated like heroes/heroines.

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