High school spring sports teams adapt to winter-like weather

Plainville High School's baseball team has had little outside practice time thanks to the weather. (WFSB)

The calendar may say spring but the weather continues to make it feel more like winter.

Some high school sports teams have been forced to adapt to field conditions.

"Obviously we have to deal with the weather," said Louis Mandeville, Plainville High School varsity baseball coach. "We're living up here in the northeast and it's whether it's not spring comes to us and decides to stay."

Baseball is back, but the season hasn't been off to a bright and sunny start.

"You just don't know what the weather's going to bring and unfortunately so far this year it's been a little rough," Mandeville said.

Friday was the first day the entire Plainville High School varsity baseball team was able to get outside and practice.

"[Friday was] good," Mandeville said. "The sun came out a little bit, the field looks a lot a better and the kids are enjoying the outdoors because we've been inside quite a bit. We've only been out probably for a total of two and a half hours in six days. So it's nice to get out."

Even with the snow gone, the team isn't totally in the clear. One bad rain or frost could put it in a bad spot.

"It's soft, but if the wind blows and sun keeps coming out it will dry out fairly quickly," Mandeville said. "The grass is in great condition. It doesn't have any of that winter kill, but the clay's definitely soft, but it'll be better in a few days. We were able to get a machine out here and stir it. So we're heading in the right direction."

The team will continue to take precautions to keep the diamond in game-ready condition.

"Covering the mound and home plate really helps a lot and every day I come out with a machine and groom it and make sure it stays drainable," Mandeville said.

For now, however, all the team can do is "think spring."

"So far this year, it doesn't want to join us, but we make the best of it and try to take positives out of the rough start," Mandeville said.

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