EAST HAMPTON, CT (WFSB) - An East Hampton high schooler will soon be honored by school officials after saving a teenager from suicide. 

You can call East Hampton High School Sophomore Reilly Howard a gamer. 

"You can find people online, you can get into a call...you meet, talk to them, you can message them at any time," he said. 

The 14-year-old plays video games on his computer with friends and others he might not know. It's where he met a 13-year-old boy who he soon realized needed help. 

"He finally messages me like yo, we need to talk. I need to tell you something...I'll make time it's fine. And starts to open up and cry about what's going on," said Reilly. 

He told him he wanted to talk about something. He was thinking about taking his own life. 

"He couldn't even talk, he was crying so much and typed it and said tonight is going to be the night," Reilly said. 

So Reilly stayed online with him, even though he's never met him in person. 

"I knew he didn't want to be alone and I didn't want him to go.. he's my friend. I didn't want him, if it was serious, I didn't want him to die." 

After being on the phone with him for almost two hours, he told him to call the suicide hotline. 

"He was on hold for 17 minutes," Reilly said. 

During this time, Reilly's parents came home. They got involved and called police, who in turn, went to help the 13-year-old. 

"Teenagers don't think you know, I'm just a teenager, who is going to listen to me? But people will and you can have impact. You just have to show up, and talk to people and listen and I think that message needs to get out there," Reilly said. 

Reilly will soon be honored by the East Hampton Board of education at the end of the month. For him, he says it's what was right. 

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can be reached at 1-800-273-8255. 

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