NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) -- This weekend, a group of local high schoolers will head down to a college fair in New York City, to learn about some of the nation’s top historically black colleges and universities.

And for some, it’s a trip that could change their lives.

Hamden Hall junior Taryn Bellamy is one of the dozens of local high schoolers heading to New York City on Saturday for the Malcolm Bernard Historically Black Colleges and Universities College Fair.

“Really figure out what type of school I want to go to. Not really where, but if it’s small school, big school, just gain knowledge on different colleges,” Bellamy said.

For the third straight year, Fixing Fathers, a local nonprofit, and the Mettle Entertainment Group are bringing students down with its “Get On The Bus” for the Historically Black Colleges and Universities College Fair.

Organizers said last year, 42 students took part in the trip with six high school seniors receiving on-the-spot admission and scholarship offers to a number of schools.

“There are a couple of schools I’m looking for Hampton, Howard. Right now I just wanted get some more information about those schools,” said McKenlley Harrell, a junior at New Haven’s Co-op High School.

He said he made the first trip as a freshman, saying it’s an opportunity to get your feet wet in the admissions process and to learn about all the different school.

He added that it’s a chance his mother never had.

“She couldn’t go to an out of state school, so with the opportunity I have, she’s pushing me to go to an out of state school like Morehouse or Hampton, so I can get an experience that she never got,” Harrell said.

Two buses will leave North Haven Saturday morning, and make another stop in Bridgeport to pick up some more high schoolers on their way down to New York City.

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