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Through Republican and Democratic governors we have been one of the highest taxed states for the last decade at 20 yrs. at least. Taxes are not new to us. If you can just pack up and leave if you can't handle it anymore.


That's a good answer - NOT. You've been over taxed for decades, so it's OK to over tax you now. And if hardworking people don't like being ripped off by corrupt politicians, they should shell out big $'s to move out of state? Why not fix the problem? Is your real name Lamont?


Why is it the highest effective tax states are also the ones who are in financial trouble? Answer: They are run buy the corrupt liberals/socialists.


Seems it about 50/50 in red vs blue states.


Ranked #2 in tax rates but they still can't budget. Tolls yes let's tax them even higher with tolls... Especially those people who drive to WORK, and visit their families. I may have to hunker down and tell everyone I'm not driving until Lamont is impeached and tolls are gone.

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