Historic Meriden church is in need of repairs

The Holy Word Foundation church is in need of money for repairs (WFSB)

A historic church in Meriden needs help.

Water is leaking in through the roof and the steeple, and the damage is getting worse.

While parishioners have pitched in, the pastor of the Holy Word Foundation said they need more money.

The church was built in the late 1800s and is very much a part of Meriden’s downtown.

It started as a Unitarian universalist, and at one time had more than 300 members, but times have been tough on the old church.

"It’s leaking now so if we don't any repairs, the water causes damage. We need to stop the water and the leaks and the damage,” said Pastor Joseph Sessions.

Water is coming in through the steeple, and there is damage throughout the inside. It will cost $250,000.

Sessions bought the church nine years ago, after it had been vacant for several years.

At one point, a comedy club was using it and when they left, the original hand-painted windows on the upstairs balcony were all gone.

Sessions has done a lot of work on the facility.

"We added an office, so we added a conference room,” and the bathrooms have been redone, Sessions said. There’s also a computer room.

That has all cost about $300,000, all of which parishioners have paid for. They also put in a new heating system.

There are only about 60 parishioners now.

The church is in a history district, and Sessions said he hopes that helps.

"I am hopeful, I've been praying for this to happen. We really need it,” Sessions said.

Pastor Sessions has been reaching out to parishioners for years and they've been very generous, but they can only do so much.

The pastor is reaching out to historic groups, hoping they can save what was once a rich part of the community.

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