Historical society trying to save homes in Hamden

Historic homes are set to be demolished in Hamden. (WFSB)

Historic homes bought by Quinnipiac University are set to be demolished.

The school bought a handful of old homes in Hamden that were built in the 18th and even 17th centuries.

The homes sit along Route 10 in Hamden, and while some are hidden by brush, up close you can see some historic features.

Quinnipiac has been buying the homes, with plans to tear them down.

"Some were built before the American Revolution. This included people who served in the American Revolution who were important to the development of this area," said Ken Minkema, of the Hamden Historical Society.

He said he feels the homes are worth saving, and the historical society is urging the demolition be stopped.

The homes are all pretty run down, and their historical beauty has been covered up with vinyl siding. In fact, they were turned into student housing.

They also sit along Route 10, which is Whitney Avenue, and a busy commercial road.

Quinnipiac said right now their intention is to provide more green space. In a statement they question where the concerns have been for the past 30 years, while “previous owners, some of whom were absentee landlords, allowed the houses to be trashed both inside and out, physically modifying them, and virtually destroying these buildings?"

Because the buildings are historic, the town requires a 90-day notice in the event someone wants to save one of the houses and move it, but that would be expensive.

"We feel these are important, these are irreplaceable resources and part of Hamden’s history. We would welcome the opportunity to talk with Quinnipiac to save at least some of them,” Minkema said.

There's no question the houses are historic, but it would cost thousands of dollars to move the homes and restore them. The historical society realizes this is an up-hill battle, but they'll keep fighting.

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