Homeowner believes house-sitter threw party where shooting happened

State Police investigating shooting in Goshen (WFSB)

A family was betrayed by their house-sitter this weekend when they went on vacation and returned to a crime scene.

Their home, in the peaceful town of Goshen, is the scene of a shooting that sent one man to the ICU after a house party.

Officials were called to the home at about 2:30 a.m. on Sunday for the report of a disturbance.

The homeowner at Bartholomew Hill Road told Eyewitness News she took her son to Florida for the junior Olympics, and had no idea about the shooting until she got a call from police.

She said she believes her house-sitter organized the gathering.

“They must've invited some people over for a little party or something and then it all started, the trouble started,” said neighbor Frank Bacher.

The family of 27-year-old Alfredo Castillo never thought that a trip to a house party in Goshen would end with a bullet to the neck.

“Nobody would've thought...they were all having a good time,” said Joel Castillo, who is the victim’s brother. “The party was ending too. Everybody was walking toward the driveway when these two guys pull in, calling everybody punks, and the next thing you know, my brother gets shot.”

Neighbors said the commotion didn’t end there. As guests were scattering, two cars couldn’t navigate a turn and launched into a brook.

Car parts were still left behind on Monday, as well as a boom to catch any leaking oil.

“This is not Goshen, Goshen is a very quiet town, and people are neighborly,” said neighbor Bonnie Jacques.

After searching the area with K9s and multiple troopers, a 17-year-old was arrested and charged in the shooting.

“If I shoot you next to your neck, I'm trying to kill you. So that person should get maximum penalty,” Castillo said.

The family of the victim, who is a Torrington landscaper, said they are confident that the teen isn’t the only suspect because they said he didn’t attend the party alone.

“If anybody knows who did it, please contact somebody, let them know who it was,” Castillo added.

Police said they are not anticipating any other arrests.

The suspect’s name is not being released but that could change if he is tried as an adult.

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