Homeowners to pay $12 a year for crumbling foundations assistance

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Starting next year, homeowners will see a $12 surcharge on insurance policies.

That money is going into a fund to help people with homes that have crumbling foundations.

It’s been an uphill battle for homeowners who have foundations that are crumbling.

A contractor said it’s about a three-month job to fix, and can cost between $100,000 to upwards of $400,000.

“No matter who it is, it’s devastating. I don’t care if you have the money or you don’t have money. It’s devastating. And it’s really hard for people to live with it,” said Don Childree, president of Don Childree General Contractor Inc.

He’s the hired contractor who has seen one too many families bearing this burden.

The Department of Consumer Protection estimates tens of thousands of homeowners with foundations poured between 1983 and 2010 could be impacted mostly in eastern Connecticut.

All of the homes were contracted by Joseph Mottes Company and Becker Construction, which used a tainted concrete that is now failing.

State lawmakers are trying to give relief.A new bill in the recently passed budget adds a $12 surcharge to homeowners’ insurance policies starting next year.

Most of that money will go into the Crumbling Foundations Assistance Fund.People in Vernon say they’re willing to chip in $1 a month.

“I think $12 is reasonable. As long as they don’t keep going up every year,” said Robert Lewis, of Vernon.

“I know $12 might not seem like a lot but it definitely goes a long way,” said Nicole Gagliardi, of Vernon.

However, Childree said the new state bill doesn’t go far enough. He thinks insurance companies are dodging responsibility.

“The state of Connecticut is going to come up with money but I don’t think it’s going to make anybody whole. The insurance companies should be kicking in the rest, at least you know if they had any integrity,” he said.

The $12 surcharge kicks in on homeowners’ insurance policies starting Jan. 1 next year until the end of 2029.

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