Homeowners urge Governor Malloy for more response on their crumbling foundations

Gov. Malloy Speaks with Homeowners (WFSB)

Desperate for help to fix their crumbling foundations, homeowners took their fight to the Governor’s Mansion on Saturday morning.

Governor Malloy spoke face to face with the homeowners, who had a chance to plead their case.

“We wake up everyday with a dark cloud over our head, the magnitude of it is just too much,” said Tolland resident, Sueann Furlong, who said she never imagined spending the golden years of retirement living in a housing nightmare.

A few dozen, homeowners were greeted by the governor, who brought coffee, doughnuts, and they, hope – solutions.

“We’re all good people. We’re the middle class, hardworking people, and you know everybody’s got a different story with the same problem,” said President of The Connecticut Coalition Against Crumbling Basements, Tim Heim.

The governor replied, “this is a very complicated issue, and what complicates it, again, you all know what your individual problems are. I'm not diminishing that at all, it's not unlike damage done to houses on the shorefront,” said Malloy.

“We don't step in and pay your cost if your home gets damaged.”

The governor also remarked that there is only so much the state can do. He encouraged all those impacted to come forward to put pressure on the insurance companies.

“I'm very pleased to see the governor is involved, said Heim.

“I was very discouraged because we had not heard from him, but for him to take some time out of his busy Saturday morning to answer questions and commit to this and say he is here to help us is encouraging."

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