Homework load should be less for young students

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When it comes to homework, students can come home with varying amounts.

However, when it comes to younger students, experts said less may be better.

"I always thought the homework load was always excessive at schools," said Paul Scherban, a parent.

Scherban said his children have already gone through high school, but he said he remembers the long hours they used to put in to get their work done.

"You know, you think about it," he said. "Kids are in schools eight or nine hours a day, and then they have to come home and do hours of homework when they come home. It's crazy."

With school starting back up across the state, Eyewitness News asked parents and grandparents just how much is too much.

"Homework is very important," said David Norris of Wethersfield. "I always stress to them about studying, and preparing to go on to the rest of the world."

The same question was also asked to Laura Mutrie, a clinical assistant professor of social work at Quinnipiac University in Hamden.

"You really have to think about how old your child is, what grade they're in, and how they're doing developmentally," Mutrie said.

Mutrie explained that when children are in grades kindergarten through 3rd, they should not be doing more than 20 minutes a night.

She said it's not necessary and there's not a lot of research to show it will bolster achievement in those lower levels.

That's in line with what the National Parent Teacher and the National Education associations have to say about workload.

Both groups said they endorse the 10 min. rule, which states that the maximum amount of homework for all subjects should not exceed 10 minutes per grade level per night.

So a 1st grader should not have to do more than 10 minutes, a 6th grader no more than 60 minutes and a senior in high school no more than two hours.

"I think that can get a little overwhelming if you're doing three to four hours a night," Mutrie said. "If you've got a lot of things going on, it's always balance."

Mutrie also said it's important to figure out what activities are important.

If students are drowning in homework, it may be time to cut back on some extra curriculars.

She said in the end, it will only help them tackle all of the work in a timely fashion.

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