HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Lawmakers returned to the state capitol Wednesday and voted to extend the governor’s executive powers.

Wednesday afternoon, the state House of Representatives passed a resolution to give Gov. Ned Lamont more powers for another two months.

The state Senate also passed it.

Lamont’s orders were put in place at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lamont said the orders are needed to protect the public and provide economic relief.

The hundreds of emergency orders covered things like requiring face masks in certain settings, expanding sites for vaccinations, and having the Dept. of Education set safety rules for schools and childcare, and provide more temporary housing.

Lawmakers returned to the state capitol Wednesday and voted to extend the governor’s emergency powers.

This also comes the same day that the state's positivity rate jumped to 1.28%, the highest since June 1.

“We're still the best in the country but it tells you we're not out of the woods and I appreciate the legislature giving me a little bit of discretion so we can respond quickly if the Delta variant gets more dangerous," Lamont said on Wednesday.

Many Republican officials, however, didn't want to see the emergency orders extended. They called it an abuse of power.

“They want to control whether our kids wear masks, control whether we go to our house of worship, control where we have a beer at night,” argued Bob Stefanowski, a Republican and former gubernatorial candidate.

Hundreds of people gathered at the state capitol on Monday to protest Lamont’s emergency orders getting extended. 

At the height of the pandemic, Lamont had more than 300 emergency declarations. Most have since expired, but Lamont wants to keep 11 in place.

Republicans argued that the legislature should vote on the orders.

“We believe it is nothing short of a blatant reach for power," said Sen. Kevin Kelly, the Republican minority leader. "There is no need at this time.”

The House Minority leader said it's not the emergency orders they object to, it's the unprecedented use of power.

“This isn’t a litmus test on how well the governor has done or how well our vaccination rates are. This is really about are we in a state of emergency that gives the governor the right to act essentially as a lawmaker," said Republican State Rep. Vinnie Candelora.

Lawmakers returned to the state capitol Wednesday and voted to extend the governor’s executive powers.

Democrats said they believe the emergency orders have worked and will continue to do so.

“We know from science masks work and vaccinations work,” said Sen. Bob Duff, the Democratic majority leader.

Lamont asked the General Assembly to review and renew his declarations of public health and civil preparedness emergencies through Sept. 30.

Only two states are still in an emergency status: Connecticut and Rhode Island.

There is a benefit to being under that status. Connecticut is eligible for about $30 million per month in food benefits.

Lawmakers do have the power to veto any of Lamont’s emergency orders.

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(11) comments


Ned is doing a fine job kudos sir for a job well done....


Although I am fully vaccinated I continue to wear a mask in stores. Too many are not vaccinated and it is just a small bit of extra protection. I do not understand why people would not want children to wear a mask. Right now there are children in TN on ventilators. The new variety of the virus is more contagious and lethal. Right now kids under 12 can't get the vaccine so they rely on adults to protect them. Why would you risk your children by not yourself getting vaccinated or not allowing them to wear a mask? The virus does not care what political party you are, what color or religion you are or where you live or how much money you make. It is an equal opportunity virus. If you have the ability to prevent death, or at least minimize the lethality should you get it, why wouldn't you? Maybe all you anti mask anti vax people can all live together and not infect the rest of us. How selfish and irresponsible can you be?


Do you believe that the vaccine works?


We know the vaccine is safe and effective. Stop trying to pointlessly sow doubt.


OF COURSE they will extend it, the Dems have to keep control of the sheep

Brian C. Duffy

...says the nameless lamb.


i see the site troll is back

Brian C. Duffy

Internet trolls are anonymous and hide under a virtual bridge/rock. I'm easy to find. Keep wearing your online mask. I will continue to taunt you trolls until WFSB goes Gray.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT


The Democrat majority leader "knows" that "masks and vaccines work" according to the "science". But does he realize that, according to the actual science, masks are not necessary for the vaccinated? Not even in the doctor's office?

Brian C. Duffy

More MissInformation from MissAnonymous.

Hartford Health Care still requires masks in their offices. I had my annual physical there last week.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT


GTL, do you know that even with the vaccine you can still pass the disease on to other people, including the unvaccinated? But, hey, if you are willingly avoiding the vaccine, you get an automatic Darwin Award nomination.

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